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Lottery Singapore

Founded in 1968, the Lottery Singapore has millions of dollars in prize money each year. It is one of the biggest gambling activities in the country. Players can purchase tickets online, in retail outlets, or through a mobile app.

In the early 2000s, the 4D lottery was the hottest game on the Singapore lottery circuit. It is a four digit game that allows you to choose numbers from 1 to 49. There are two drawing sessions each week. The jackpot is larger for this version.

The official website of the Lottery Singapore is user friendly and offers a number of useful resources. It features an e-mail alert system, tips on how to play and win, and the latest results. It is also available in Chinese and English.

The website offers a mobile version, which is very useful when you’re playing the lottery on the go. You can check the weight of your ticket and see the latest results live. It is also available for download for free.

The website also has a feature to show you how to find out the odds of winning a particular draw. This is done by looking at the data from the SGP, or Singapore Lotteries Partners, which is the governing body of lottery in the country.

The official Lottery Singapore website has a mobile version that lets you check the weight of your ticket. It also has a few useful features, including a calendar of the current draws and the results from the previous drawing. It also has a chat feature with lottery agents, which is helpful when you’re in doubt.