Singapore Lottery

Lottery Singapore

The Singapore Lottery is the country’s largest lottery game. It has millions of dollars in prizes every year. There are many different ways to win. Players can purchase tickets online and offline. They can play on a tablet, a computer, or mobile phone.

To win, players must select six numbers between 1 and 49. The payouts vary by the rank of the drawn numbers. You can buy a ticket for as little as $1.

The official Lottery website is easy to navigate and offers a wide range of information. Users can view past results, check odds of winning, and sign up for e-mail alerts when a jackpot is won.

The Singapore Turf Club started the 4-D draw in 1966. The prize pool has increased over the years. In 2016, the grand prize was worth S$16 million.

There are two draws per week: a cascade draw at 9:30PM and a main draw at 6:30PM. Each draw has a one-in-a-million chance. Tickets can be purchased at any Singapore Pools outlet.

The main prize in the Toto Lotto was increased from S$300,000 to S$500,000. Two lucky punters won $10 million in January 2022.

The main prize in the Toto Hongbao is expected to be the largest prize in the Singapore Pools history. The grand prize was bought from QuickPick System 7 at Tampines Mall.

Singapore Pools is the only legal gambling operator in Singapore. They offer 4Digits, Sweep, Toto, and Sweep. All the tickets cost only a few cents.